Industrial Lubricants (AVIeco®)

A cycle as we know it from nature: At AVIeco, used materials are turned into a new raw material. Our unique AVIeco concept provides for the transaction of the entire supply and disposal of used lubricants with one single partner.

Throughout Europe and the southeast of the US, our collection logistics experts collect the used oil from the consumers directly and take it to one of the AVISTA OIL refineries for upcycling. Due to our presence in Europe and the southeast of the USA, it is at collection, already, that we offer advantages in terms of costs and CO2 emissions.

The patented „Enhanced Selective Refining“ process is used to re-refine and upcycle the used oil: a nearly waste-free process which, according to our own tests, reduces CO2 emissions by at least 30% as compared to the conventional production of basis oil. The high-quality synthetic components of the used oil are completely retained.

We supply the re-refined products back to the customers who can use them again as lubricants. Thus, a cycle is generated which sustainably reduces costs and CO2 emissions, saves resources and can be repeated.

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Hydraulic oils:

Product information
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Safety data sheet
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