One of the leading companies in used oil upcycling in Europe and the USA

With an annual recycling capacity – including the refinery in the US, that was recently put into operation – of approximately 700,000 tons, AVISTA OIL is a leading company in the recycling of used oil in Europe and the US. In the segment of oil upcycling, AVISTA OIL has a capacity of 170,000 tons in Uetze and Kalundborg. We regard ourselves as a technology leader in the production of high-quality basis oils and lubricants.

AVISTA OIL is a pioneer in the upcycling of used oil. With refinery and collection logistics sites in Europe and the US, the company has been excellently positioned for 60 years without interruption.

As a high-performance allrounder, we support our customers along the whole value-added chain: from collection over upcycling to international marketing and distribution of high-quality basis oils and lubricants.

In our view, our AVIeco process is globally unique: It enables us to offer our customers all-in-one solutions for the climate-friendly supply and resource-conserving disposal of lubricants. The result: Our AVIeco oils are environmentally friendly, health friendly, and provide for cost and efficiency advantages.